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Our mission at General Psychology Services is to provide the highest possible, professional care to those in our communities who may be experiencing social-emotional and mental health difficulties; including children, adolescents, families and adults.  To help us achieve this, we place highly qualified and dedicated psychologists in GP clinics across Perth. This not only allows for ease of access for our clients, but also allows us to work closely with GPs and other clinicians, thereby helping us to offer a comprehensive and holistic approach in client care.  Our psychologists are experts in their fields which are wide and varied, so clients may be assured they are in safe hands. Also, registered with Medicare, they are qualified to provide Psychology services under the new Mental Health (better access) Care Plan, which attracts Medicare rebates.



General Psychology Services provide a comprehensive range of specialised services for children, adolescents and their families.

We offer;

Blue Comprehensive behaviour, social, emotional and academic assessments

Blue Diagnostic assessments and reports

Blue Evidence-based therapeutic interventions for most psychological presentations


General Psychology Services provide evidence-based psychological services, that are designed to reduce distress and enhance and promote emotional well-being.

What We Offer


Child & Adolescent – Assessment
Why assess? Psychological assessment can provide invaluable information to parents and educators about a child’s strengths and areas in need of development.


Child & Adolescent – Intervention
General Psychology Services provide intervention services for children & adolescents, as well as parent training were needed.


Adult Services
we provide assessment and intervention for adults experiencing psychological difficulties

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General Psychology Services

Telephone: +61 414 251 967
Email: info@generalpsychologyservices.com.au

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