Child & Adolescent – Intervention

General Psychology Services provide intervention services for children & adolescents, as well as parent training were needed. Rebates for most intervention services can be accessed if a child/young person is referred under a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan.

Individual Therapy

We offer individual therapy for a range of childhood issues including:

Blue Anxiety / Panic / Phobias

Blue Low self esteem

Blue Depression

Blue Separation / relationship issues

Blue School refusal and school related emotional difficulties

Blue Behavioural issues

Blue Anger management

Blue Depression and associated emotional difficulties, Low Self-Esteem

Group Therapy

Where appropriate, children and young people are offered group therapy;

Orange Anger Management

Orange Overcoming worry and/or anxiety

Orange Social Skills

Behaviour Management Assistance

Building a child's skills, by decreasing undesirable behaviour and increasing capabilities.

We offer Triple P, Parenting Program Parenting Program

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