Child & Adolescent – Assessment

Why Assess?

Blue Psychological assessment can provide invaluable information to parents and educators about a child’s strengths and areas in need of development

Blue Expert assessment highlights a child’s current knowledge and strengths, while providing a baseline for promoting further learning and development

Blue Identification of potential delays or disabilities can improve eventual outcomes through early remedial planning and intervention

General Psychology Services offers a broad range of psychometric and diagnostic assessments including;

Orange Early Childhood/Developmental Assessments (1 to 60 months)
When a child is not meeting expected developmental milestones or performing everyday tasks, a developmental assessment can identify strengths and challenges in a range of developmental domains including;  cognitive, social, emotional, language, physical development and adaptive behaviours such as self-care and self-direction.

Orange Cognitive /Educational assessments:
Used to determine a child’s learning ability and assist in identifying particular areas of academic skill where a child may be struggling or failing to reach their full academic potential.  When interpreted in combination with comprehensive background information, parent interview, teacher consults and an adaptive skills assessment, a comprehensive psychological report is developed.   The report can be used to support the development of individualised learning plans and to register with DSC where an intellectual disability is identified.

Orange Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Assessment
Following a clinical interview with parents, consultation with teachers, assessment questionnaires and cognitive assessment, a comprehensive psychological report is developed and practical recommendations are provided.

Orange Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Assessment
Children are referred by a paediatrician for a diagnostic assessment.   Following a clinical interview with parents, cognitive and adaptive assessment, child observation and consultation with relevant stakeholders a comprehensive Psychological report is developed, outlining practical recommendations.  The report can then be used to register with the Disability Service Commission, if appropriate.

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